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Houston Rockets: James Harden Surpasses Stephen Curry’s History Making NBA Contract Mega Deal!

The Houston Rockets announced they have signed All-Star shooting guard James Harden to a four-year contract extension. It was the first-ever Designated Player Veteran Extension, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Bobby Marks, which will pay him a total of Read more …


Best Exercises For Your Weight Loss Challenge

Cranking out any kind of exercise on the regular can help you lose weight, but by strategically planning your sweat fest, you can get to your goal faster—and who doesn’t want that? To make your workouts as efficient as possible, Read more …


United States Obesity Infographic Statistics 2017 to 2030

Brought to you by BIGGIES Boxers Underwear, Sizes: XS – 25XL Made In The USA. U.S. Patent: D,747,844 There is no question that obesity continues to be a very serious problem all over the world. Millions of people are neglecting Read more …


Why Big Pharma Is Struggling to Profit From the Global Obesity Epidemic

New Medicines offer hope to 600 Million, but drugmakers face a problem In a decades-long struggle to control her weight, Carolyn Mills joined the YMCA many times, signed up for the Jenny Craig diet program and tried fen-phen, the drug Read more …