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75% of children who received vaccines in Mexican town now dead or hospitalized

Despite the insidious attempts of the corporate-controlled U.S. media to censor the stories about the deadly side effects of vaccines, the truth keeps surfacing. The latest vaccine tragedy to strike has killed two babies in La Pimienta, Mexico and sent Read more …


Maintaining your muscle mass as you age requires consuming protein at least three times throughout the day

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that consuming an even amount of protein three times daily may help maintain muscle strength in older men and women. As part of the study, a team of researchers at the McGill Read more …


Scientist Tells The Truth About Deliberate Systemic Cover-Up For Unjustified Cancer Treatments Of Black Americans

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Fraud prevention button, concept about cybersecurity, credit card and identity protection against cyberattack and online thieves

Fraud proof and PROTECT your bank accounts with these anti-identity theft hacks

Fraud and identity theft remain among the biggest security hurdles faced by global banks. In fact, a report by Insider Monkey lists a great number of well-established and developing countries where these criminal schemes run rampant. The report lists Mexico, the U.S. and Read more …


U.S. Government energy report concludes power grid highly vulnerable to failures that would cause mass die-offs of U.S. citizens

With Iran on the move to develop a nuclear weapon and the North Koreans making repeated threats to strike the United States, the threat of America’s electrical grid going down one day is steadily on the rise. There are several Read more …


Global Depopulation: Cancer Rates Will Rise Up To 75% By 2035

Global cancer cases are projected to rise 75 percent by 2030, in part because many other diseases are being stamped out and more developing countries are adopting Western lifestyles linked to cancer, international health experts reported. While population growth and Read more …


Why Are Countries All Over The World Legalizing Marijuana All at the Same Time?

Two people hold a modified design of the Canadian flag with a marijuana leaf in place of the maple leaf during the “420 Toronto” rally in Toronto, April 20, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Mark Blinch Canada is on track to become the Read more …


Learning and Understanding The Economic Benefits, Growth, and Future of Artificial Intelligence

It’s widely known by now that the U.S. and global economy are being profoundly re-shaped by software technology. Human jobs are being eaten by software, specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms able to ingest and analyze massive volumes of data to Read more …



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Ultimate Sneak Preview Guide To Adopting A Pet

Thinking about adopting a furry companion?  That’s great!  Pet rescues and shelters are filled with animals waiting to be adopted and re-homed. Giving a new forever after home to a rescued pet is a big decision.  You want to give Read more …